Jobs After Retirement – A Specific Guide to the Best Retirement Jobs

Are you retiring, already retired or hoping to retire soon? Are you worried that the moment you retire, you will be bored or run out of money or both? This article looks at the employment opportunities for retired people and picks up the best retirement jobs.


Firstly, take a moment to consider why you are looking for a job after retirement. Do you really want to need to work after retiring? Perhaps it is the pressures and expectations of our modern society to be rich and always busy rather than a genuine desire for retirement income or a way to occupy your day.

Recent research has shown that three-quarters of German adults find it difficult to switch off and do nothing. They have even coined a term for it: 'freizeitstresse' or 'free time stress'. This is guilt or stress when we are doing nothing with our free time. We might be stressed that we are 'only' reading a book, sitting out in the garden, having a nap or watching TV.

Even retirees are thought to suffer from this free time stress. They feel a subconscious social pressure to be active and 'do stuff'. Is this the reason you are looking for retirement work? Do not rush headlong into the first retirement career you are offered. Consider the underlying motivations for your desire to work. You can keep busy and live a fulfilled life without taking on a job, or you can do absolutely nothing! It is your life and you have earned the right to do what you like with it.

Perhaps you want to supplement your retirement income. You are worried that it will run out. This is a perfectly valid concern. Many people head into retirement without enough funds. Analyze your financial situation with an adviser or check with one of the many retirement calculators online to see if you have enough money to sustain the lifestyle you have chosen in your later years.

Also be wary of jumping into work as a status symbol. Having a job often defines who we are, and thus our self-worth. People love boasting about how busy they are, how they haven't slept for days in order to meet this or that deadline. It is a curse of modern society that we consider overwork and high work stress to be a badge of honor. Are you looking for a retirement career simply to avoid sitting at a dinner party and hearing those words "so what do you do?"

Now you have considered the reasons for working again, let us list out the best retirement careers out there.

Finding a work-at-home occupation is probably of the most popular retiree jobs. Working from the comfort of your own home, without having to commute to the office each day, wear a suit, or deal with the same old office politics, gossip and plain pointless conversations; There are certainly many advantages to working from home.

Companies are seeking ways to reduce their overheads. With this come opportunities for part-time, stay-at-home work.

Some of the most popular jobs you can do at your kitchen table include writing, proofreading, editing and researching. If we just look at the category of writing, there is a unbelievable variety of related jobs such as ghost-writing, resume writing, technical writing, blogging, travel writing. I have even seen jobs advertised for people to simply cut and paste internet research findings into a word document.

You can find many opportunities like this at freelance websites such as, and

Other work-at-home jobs include data entry, crossword creation, recipe testing and writing, graphics design and computer programming. My friend's retired mom is a medical coder. Her local hospital even supplied her with a computer to work with and an allowance for her broadband internet connection.

Admittedly, she was a trained medical coder at the same hospital for many years before retiring, but it is possible to receive online training and certification for this.


Some view gardening as hard work, while others see it as a glorious chance to work in the great outdoors and be one again with nature.

In modern families, often both parents work, so they have less time to maintain a garden. Isn't it one of life's ironies that people work so hard today to be able to afford a large house with a pretty garden and then don't have time to enjoy either of them! Their loss – your gain. They are more likely to employ a part-time gardener to mow lawns, trim hedges, weed and water plants.

Gardening is physical work but there are so many useful gardening tools and gadgets for almost every task. This includes knee rests, light weight tools and longer handles so you can avoid back strain.

There is a wealth of anecdotal evidence to support that gardening improves your mental state and can even stave off Alzheimer's disease.

How can you satisfy your shopping urges without having to spend any money? Even better, get paid to shop or eat out! A mystery shopper goes into a fast food restaurant or a store and pretends to order or buy something just as a regular customer. Meanwhile, without the staff noticing, they are quietly noting all the small details of their experience and service: the time it takes to order and receive the food, the cleanliness of the toilet, the response to queries or complaints, the appearance and attitude of the workers.

This is life of the mystery shopper and for many retirees, this is the dream career. In 2004, in the US alone, they estimate that a whopping $ 645 million dollars were paid out to mystery shoppers. You might be in a fast food restaurant in the morning, buying electronics in the afternoon and enjoying a swanky top class restaurant in the evening; all on someone else's money!

I was once paid for spending a night in one of the world's finest hotels. A third-party security company had hired me and dozens of others to secretly test the emergency fire procedure. We spent a very comfortable evening enjoying the hotel's delights including an evening meal, swimming pool, spa and gym. At around 10am the next morning the fire alarm sounded. We were guided by the staff to the nearest emergency exit and simply had to complete a 45 minute interview about our experience. The easiest supplementary income I have ever earned.

When looking for mystery shopper opportunities you can do an online search but research each opportunity thoroughly as there are internet scams. Also, there is no guarantee you will be accepted first time round or by the first company to which you apply, so be patient and persistent.


It is said that 80% of people finish up in the wrong job. So looking at a new career in your retirement is an opportunity to try something completely new. Po Bronson says his popular book "What Should I Do With My Life" says many retirees draw inspiration from his stories in order to find meaningful work for their retirement years.

These are just a few of the opportunities available to you to add to your retirement income. I hope you have enjoyed this brief guide to the best retirement jobs. All the best wishes for your new career!

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Online Jobs Versus Online Businesses

It's Your Online Business, Not Your Online Hobby
An online business versus an online job has a different mentality for the individual. A job is something you do for someone else. It's something that dominates your day and your time with a prearranged schedule.

The job is your master, not the other way around. You work for someone else. Even if this is online the truth remains the same … you are still an employee. You have heard that you can make money online through working online for a company or a third party (this is not as an affiliate or a salesperson). You do jobs for someone else and complete a W4.

This to me is literally the lifestyle I intended to avoid when I got into online business. This model could not and would not do.

I know you see the ads. "We are looking to give stay at home mom jobs", but you may find that some of these places not only do not offer you a good job but will stick you with a horrible schedule. Not all of them are like this, though some are.

Why I like the online business model
For me it's about control. I like to control my day. If I want to work in the morning, I can do this. If I want to work late into the wee hours of the night … it's my right. Why? Because I decide how successful (or unsuccessful) my business is and this is through my effort.

It can be the highest paid hard work I ever done or the easiest, lowest paid work I have ever done. This lies squarely on my shoulders. You see the problem with a lot of online companies you may work for is stability.

Many of them catch people unawares stating grandiose claims making things look easy. For example, you may read something like "Earn Money Online Today, $ 55- $ 65 hour, no experience required".

What happens is that unsuspecting folks who trust these people invest time, money, and effort into a business that might not last the rest of the year. I have seen this with my own eyes. I always advocate starting your own online business. Why you ask? Who can you trust better than you? I will tell you, if I am going to invest in anything it will be me, period.

You Won't Let You Down
When you succeed those you love succeed. Those you care about succeed. It's about grabbing your dream and never letting it go. Working for someone else is helping them promote their dream through your effort. Working for yourself helps you to bring your dreams to fruition.

I know where the difficulty comes in. It is at the point of the beginning. How do you get started? Where do you start? Can I startup my online business quickly and with a minimal amount of investment?

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Finding Work From Home Jobs

Are you interested in work from home jobs? You can find several home jobs on the internet, but before applying for any of the home based jobs you have to do some research about the company that is providing work from home projects. You have to ensure whether the company or website is legitimate or not. Some of the home based work options available through internet are customer service, sales, scheduling services, recruiting services, marketing, telemarketing, online tutor jobs, call center jobs, transcription jobs, technical writing, and content writing. Several websites on the internet are offering various home based jobs. You can find both full time and part time jobs on the internet.

If you are a job seeker, then you have to spend enough time to sort out real jobs from the scams as you can find several job scams in the job market. The skills required for the home based jobs are the same as those required for the office jobs. To be qualified for such employment options, you should have necessary qualifications, phone, computer, printer, fax, required software, and other office equipment.

To begin your search for work from home jobs, you have to spend some amount of time to search for the jobs as you will be doing for traditional ones. You should dedicate a few hours every week. The best way to find freelance work is to log on to various websites that offer work from home projects. Never sign up with websites that are asking for any sign-up fees. After signing up to the websites offering home based assignments, you have to identify the type of work suitable for you depending on your skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications.

In addition to the online portals, you can find various opportunities at work from home forums. These forums contain advertisements on various work from home opportunities. Newspaper classifieds are a good resource to find home based jobs. Never try too much of jobs at the same time as it will prevent you to obtain great success. You have to focus on a single job and then concentrate to improve the skills for it, so that you can increase the probability of your success. To avoid any cheating from people who are offering work from home projects, you can ask for an advance payment or escrow to ensure that they will pay once the project is accomplished by you. The employers can release the payment after receiving the completed project from you.

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How to Get Your Wife to Give You Blow Jobs More Often

Hey man,

My name is Jack, and I never had a problem with getting a woman to give me blow jobs. I know exactly what makes women (your wife included) motivated to get down on their knees and give you an oral. Not only that, there's also a way to get her to practice more often and improve her blow job skills, so that she doesn't only give you more, but also better head. Now listen up if you want me to sprinkle some of my wisdom on you.

If you want to get your wife to give you head more often you have to change how you behave. The problem is not in HER, it's in You. If you behaved in a way that triggers her natural instinct to bow down for you and blow you all day, you'll never have to ask for an oral again – she'll do it on her own initiative, for her own pleasure! Men that are more self-confident, powerful, determined and know what they want in life and how to get it always get more blow jobs than guys that don't. So get yourself together and figure out what you want. Then go for it.

In case your wife was giving you blow jobs before you got married, now she isn't because you became BORING. If it's not fun to blow you, she won't. Currently, for her, giving you a blow job seems more like a chore, a "job," then something enjoyable. There's a way to "convert" her into being addicted to giving you blow jobs. How? Stop being boring.

This might sound stupid and simple, but the truth is that it's the truth. If you were more of a challenge to your wife, if there was still something to "discover" about you, something "to solve" or "to figure out" she'd be ready to get down on her knees every single day of the week, and giving you a blow job wouldn't be considered as "work." You don't believe me? Go bungee jumping, or sky diving and see how your wife reacts. Sure, she might tell you that you are an idiot – but that's just what she's saying, wait a few days and see how she'll react. Save up money and go to Africa on Safari, do something different that the husbands of her girlfriend's.

Next, you got LAZY. When's the last time you ate her out like there's no tomorrow? Or bought her lingerie?

Power gets women on their knees (your wife included), the more you get of it (power), the more head your wife will give you. I could write an entire book about this (and I did), telling you about WHY women give blow jobs and how to brainwash them into loving your penis more than life itself.

For now, I'll just give you 3 quick tips that will get you more head from your wife. I don't have time to explain you WHY this will get you more blow jobs now, try it for yourself and you'll see, just stick to it. Here are the 3 things.

1. Join a gym and work out 3-4 times per week for 3 months.

2. Take more control of your marriage by keeping your finances to yourself and by cutting spending on stuff you don't need to a minimum. Save up money for a trip. Start planning it out now. Find an exotic place you always wanted to visit but never did. Figure out how to get there and get there no matter what. You can do it. This sound ridiculous, but it WILL get you more blow jobs for a lifetime. Not only will you have what to talk about when you come back from the trip, you'll also learn a lot and be a more interesting person to be around. Not just for your wife – but, more importantly, for OTHER women. When other women want to get on their knees and please you, your wife will INSTANTLY have an URGE to give you a blow job (better than her potential competitors).

3. Last but not least – get in touch with old friends and work on your social life. The more friends you have that you can depend on, the more blow jobs your wife will give you. I know this sounds crazy too, but there's a complicated reason behind why this works. Make a list of 10 people you didn't see for ages and go see them. If you have no friends, since you're working all day and all you hear is your wife nagging about the dishes and other crap, then you get caught up in daily life and get lazy and stop seeing your friends. After days, weeks, months and years of this, you end up having nobody other than your wife eg you become a loser. Loser don't get blow jobs. Make your wife and, more importantly, yourself a favor and develop a low tolerance for BS. Go out with your friends, have a life of your own. Your wife may complain at first, but, in the long run, she'll love you for it.

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How To Locate Work From Home Jobs

With the internet being the land of possibilities, the last thing one should worry about is how to locate work from home jobs. With that said, there are a few reasons to be worried in view of the amount of scams that flood the internet. However, with some good job probing and investigation you too can land on a goldmine.

As with any job exploration, the initial search itself will be a job. You have to be dedicated and fully committed to putting in the time to investigate to find employment. It is not going to be easy to discover a respectable opportunity that is worthwhile, but upon finding it, it will be all worth the time.

What you must appreciate is who you know continues to be just as significant, if not more vital, than what you know. For this cause, make it a aim of yours to expand contacts wherever and in all places. Leap into forums, post in blogs, talk to acquaintances and family members, and do not be shy on the streets. You never know who will be your "in" to the perfect job from home.

The next location to look when wondering how to find work from home jobs is occupation websites. There are a number of work at home opportunities and websites geared particularly for this. Always take advantage of the resume posting part as this offers you the possibility to showcase what it is you really have to offer.

Searching in job search engines using words like "work at home," "freelance," or whatever exact industry you are seeking to get into can help. As stated, there are millions of programs, systems and businesses to become a part of on the internet. The answer is scrolling through these listings and weaning out the undeserving.

For this cause, try to stay away from web search engines as these are far too broad and will more times than not create scams or overpriced start-up opportunities. By sticking with websites that focus on employment, you will experience a much better possibility of finding what you are looking for.

When thinking how to find work from home jobs, it is crucial you view it as if you are searching for any other job. Just because it's on the web will not mean you can mosey on through and come across gold. You have to be equipped when applying. Have a resume and cover letter to send over if need be. Have work samples to give over to prospective employers. Research the business and be familiar with what they are looking for. The more prepared you are the better off you will be.

Most notably, you have to be enthusiastic to just go for it. There actually is not anything to lose. The last thing you want is to be nervous, ill-equipped and unconfident. By taking the time to discover a respectable opportunity and being ready to appropriately present yourself, you can and will discover that true work from home jobs do exist.

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Best Teen Jobs Advice From Bill Gates

Whether you love or hate Bill Gates … he sure hit the nail on the head when he recently gave a speech at a high school graduation.

Here Are 11 Job Advice Rules Your Teens Are NOT Learning in School:

Rule 1: Life is not fair – get used to it!

Life is especially not fair at work. Some work harder than others for less pay … some work less for more pay.

Rule 2: The world doesn't care about your self-esteem.

Neither does your boss. He wants the job to get done – and done well.

Rule 3: You will NOT make $ 60,000 a year right out of high school. Or become a vice president out of college.

If you don't believe me, just ask any recent graduate.

Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss.

Or obnoxious co-workers you're stuck working with 8 hours a day.

Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping; they called it opportunity.

I think every teen should be required to work at a fast food restaurant. They'll learn the meaning of hard work and be motivated to further their education!

Rule 6: If you mess up, it's not your parents' fault. So don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them.

The best thing you can do for your kids is let them make their own mistakes. And not make excuses for them.

Rule 7: Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now.

They got that way from paying your bills, doing your laundry, and listening to you talk about how cool you are.

Rule 8: Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT.

In some schools, they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as MANY TIMES as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.

There's no extra credit at work if you screw something up. And if you don't do your job – you'll be fired.

Rule 9: Life is not divided into semesters. You don't get summers off and
Few employers are interested in helping you FIND YOURSELF. Do that on your own time.

There's no spring break either. You'll be lucky if you get 2 weeks of paid vacation.

Rule 10: Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and to to jobs.

And you won't be able to surf the internet or listen to your iPod either.

Rule 11: Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.

Your boss does care if you were popular in high school. No one does.

If you agree with these rules … pass it on. If you can read these rules … THANK a teacher!

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Writing Jobs Online: The "Writing Sample" Fraud and How to Avoid It

There are many fraudulent schemes in the work-from-home, freelance writing niche. One of the most popular is what I call the "writing sample" scam. While it usually does not cost you any money, what it does cost you is time – which is your greatest asset as a freelance writer.

You could wind up spending a whole bunch of time working for free. Following is what this scam is and how to avoid it.

How the Freelance "Writing Sample" Scam Works

The way this online writing jobs scheme works is, a company will place an ad seeking articles or some other type of content (eg, blog posts) on a certain topic. When you apply, they will ask you for a writing sample.

"Great," you may be thinking, "I just wrote an article on this last week, I'll send it in as my sample."

But, they'll get back to you saying that the article must be original and they want to "judge your writing ability and for you to adhere to their guidelines" or some other such jargon. They'll usually promise that there will be ongoing work "if your writing sample is accepted."

So you think, "Hmm, a chance for ongoing work. It's only 300-400 words; I can knock it out in an hour or so."

So you do and send it in. You'll either never hear from them again, and / or if you do, they'll tell you that your writing sample "did not pass their guidelines so they won't be able to use you.

"Fine," you think. It sucks that you spent the time writing the article, but you have a few other sources you can pitch it to and probably sell it.

One day while doing some mindless web surfing, you come across your article – on their site – verbatim. Only, it does not have your name on it. They've stuck their name on it and are using it – and they haven't paid you a dime!

If this happens to you, you've been scammed.

The reason behind these types of online writing jobs scams is simple – the company / person is getting original content without paying for it. You see, they probably have fed the same story to hundreds of freelance writers who fell for it. So, they're getting hundreds of pieces of original content – for free.

Why This Online Writing Jobs Scam Is So Prevalent

The reason they do it is because content costs and they're either too lazy or too stupid to produce it themselves. Many behind these types of scams are internet and affiliate marketers with hundreds of websites.

To pay someone to write original, informative content for their sites would run them thousands of dollars. So, they prey on unsuspecting web writers who are new to the industry to produce the content.

How to Avoid These Types of Online Writing Jobs Scams

It's surprisingly simple. Don't write original content for free. Legitimate businesses will pay you to write a sample if they're considering using you. Most often though, they won't even require it. The samples you already have will work just fine. So, remember this.

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Our Failures Prove Meaningful – A Note To Steve Jobs' Stanford Revelation

'Now each of you is going to name his or her most favorite life motivator. One whose philosophy you adhere to unconditionally, 'said a psychology professor in an integration class for university novices when the academic year rolled out, straight after my high school graduation. Fresh, inexperienced and village-originated, it came out soon that I feared myself from mingling with loud, aggressive and several pontifical city-grown-ups, so that my concentration in classes gradually decreased and hangouts with somebody alike was out of question.

Despite arrangements for stay at my elder aunt's and my family's pride on first member for a long time accepted to university, I was suffering. Even though I was surprising myself with study results in detested courses such as Math or Meteorology, there was no experience of the 'student life' for which many end up missing their academic years once over. I felt and was mostly alone; taking piercing looks and by-comments to heart, fighting it with ever more in-depth self-studies, long-runs and well-being simulation. Wearing a mask grew oppressive; my uncle back home was progressively submitting his self-conscience to Parkinson and, meanwhile the second term, he died. Attending mourners were greedy for uplifting information on my progress, building another level of oppression with stressful expectations from me. Another elder aunt's health back home was getting down. Finally, I announced inevitable year-interruption of my studies, which of course turned out to be my own choice of spillout as well.

I did not have my 'motivating pacemaker' back then, except that I was possessed with spiritual works of Paulo Coelho and thus named him to the class, which was met with recognition, say nearly everyone knew him and nearly no one named religiously non- iconic or mass non-leading examples. I had never thought of Paulo Coelho as my inner motivator and I had not appointed him to be. I merely stretched out for him in emergency. Now I know that, like him, I like entering people 'interiors' to weaken their cancers of self devaluation and of world malady impression.

Steve Jobs, a renowned life motivator, gave one of his most winning stimulating public revelations with a tint of academic-commencers reflection. May this realistic picture of 'failures' do not shatter anyone's stability based on wrong presumption that 'one needs to lean on a successful life-inspiring person' where only the success deems inspirational. For knowing the successful side only leads to copying. Whereas knowing the true struggle, which preceded, leads to the essential learning.

And so amiable Steve Jobs unloads significant portion of feared concerns from the newly admitted Stanford students by serving them the truth of life inevitability to failures, which are going to turn in their favor, as long as they do not settle by giving everything up. No theatrical sugar talk, but a seemingly 'dramatic' BREAKFAST OF HOT REALITY, DRY FEARS AND HARD-BOILED OUTCOMES to waken them, the still unfamiliar young ones, and, at the same time, to remind the experienced ones, that 'NO ONE IS EVER TO ESCAPE 'the' final count-down '. Thus cherish your limited time, ignore the dreary surrounding opinions and become passionate about 'what you truly want to become', because no one else but us sets the verge of the road.

Incidentally, outside of Jobs' opening speech we received a complementary tool for unsettled hunger for life and 'foolishness', and that is Steve's discovered and developed SKILL OF PERCEPTION, OUR INTERPRETATION of passed and contemporary to near and distant future.

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The Pros And Cons Of Data Entry Jobs

There are more ways to earn extra money than you can shake a stick at – so what is so special about data entry jobs? Let me first explain what data entry work is – for those who do not already know: A company has a bunch of data that must be fed into a database or a spreadsheet, but the work cannot be done automatically. The company hires someone – perhaps you – to do the work by hand. Mostly, this means typing or copy / pasting data into the right place. This sort of work used to be handled by in-house secretaries in most companies, but since outsourcing work has become increasingly popular over the years, many companies choose to outsource these kinds of tasks as well, and focus their own energy on what they do best – whether that is running a law firm, doing marketing or something else.

What is good about data entry work then?

  • Great beginner job. You can get started fast, with little or no training. All that is required, in most cases, is basic computer knowledge and normal reading abilities.
  • Work from home – whenever you want. Much of this sort or work is offered online – and so is the data you will be working on. This sort of job is really great for stay at home moms (or stay at home dads), since they can work when then choose. Drive the kids to school, start the dishwasher and sit down and do some work.
  • Little or no investment needed to get started. No fancy suits to look good on the job. No commuting costs. Just a computer with internet connection – which – if you are reading this – you probably already have.

All good reasons for getting into data entry typing jobs at home – certainly enough to consider it seriously. But to be fair, let us look at what can possibly be held against such work. There are certain circumstances which could be considered negative:

  • Getting paid for the amount of work you complete means you won't make much money if you are a slow typist. The good news are that you WILL improve your speed a lot, as you do the work. You may not see much money for your time in the beginning, but most people who stick with it, will see a change for the better.
  • It can be tedious bordering on downright boring. Much of the work is very monotonous in nature, so you have to able to deal with that. But not having to commute for hours to do it – tends to help a lot in that respect.
  • It will never become a high-paying job. In this line of business, you are considered as being on the low rungs of the ladder, due to the simplicity of the work. The fact that it may also be very boring, does not help on the wage.

So there you go – the pros and cons of data entry work. You can try it and see if you like it – it certainly is a nifty way of working, if all you need is extra cash. Great for stay at home moms or students alike. Even if it is only temporary.

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Numerology and Jobs – Finding the Career That Matches Your Life Path

Do you like your Job? Are you doing something you love and getting paid for it, or are you just struggling to get to the weekend? Most Americans change jobs over five times during their lifetime. If you don't feel good about what your doing, perhaps you'd like to learn which kinds of jobs Numerology says are right for you. Most spiritual paths and religions suggest that to be truly happy at your job, you need to do what you love. Read on and learn how your life path influences which kinds of jobs best fit your personality.

Life Path – Your main number in Numerology

Your Life Path is your primary number in Numerology. Similar to your sun sign in Astrology, it predicts your basic personality type, along with what kind of career you will be drawn to. The basic calculation involves summing all eight digits of your Gregorian date of birth, and then reducing the sum to a single digit using fadic addition. To see how this works, lets take an example. Actress Angelina Jolie was born on June 4th, 1975, so her Life Path number is a (5).

Angelina Jolie's Life Path = (06-04-1975) = (6 + 4 + 1975) = (1985) = (1 + 9 + 8 + 5) = (23) = (2 + 3) = (5).

The following table shows the nine main Life Paths along with their talents and recommended jobs.

Life Path (1) – The Leader

If this is your Life Path, you are a born leader. You are independent, self-starting, and creative. You are also not a good follower. Suggested careers include: Journalism, stage and film industry, fashion, all kinds of design work, and technology research.

Life Path (2) – The Diplomat

If this is your Life Path, you live to get along and to serve others. You are the deal maker, the consoler. Suggested careers include: Social sector work, government jobs at all levels, and things in the Medical field, excluding being a surgeon.

Life Path (3) – The Entertainer

If this is your Life Path, you live to experience the adoration of other people. You love the limelight for it makes you feel alive. Suggested careers include: Entertainment industry, athletics, acting, modeling, tourism, and any job which promotes public speaking. Careers to avoid: anything where you must work in isolation part of the time. You hate being alone at work.

Life Path (4) – The Creator

If this is your Life Path, you were born to create things. You have good practical knowledge in many areas, and a keen mind for details. Suggested careers include: Construction, Banking and Insurance, Accounting, Computer programming, driving, and craftsmanship. Careers to avoid: the Stock Market, Sales, and any job where there are lots of unpredictable risk as part of the work.

Life Path (5) – The Salesman

If this is your Life Path, you are the born salesman. You are exceptional at getting your ideas across in ways that people like and understand. Suggested careers are: the Internet, radio and television, sales (all types), marketing and public relations.

Life Path (6) – The Teacher

If this is your Life path, you are a team player who loves helping others achieve their goals. Suggested careers include: Police work, Firemen, Law, Medicine, and of course Teaching.

Life Path (7) – The Lone Wolf

If this is your Life Path, you have an intuitive understanding of the needs of others. Suggested careers include: councilors, personal trainers, medical professionals, secretaries, research assistants, therapist, and cosmetic surgeons. Careers to avoid: positions where you must work as part of a close nit team.

Life Path (8) – The Fighter

If this is your Life Path, you were born to struggle and compete. Suggested careers include: the Corporate world, stock trading, financial intuitions, and corporate law. These people are also likely to form their own companies and be the boss. Careers to avoid: anything where initiative and workplace competition are squelched. Team wins are now what these people are seeking.

Life Path (9) – The Humanitarian

If this is your Life Path, you live to benefit society both local, and worldwide. Suggested careers include: Teaching, counseling, child protection, journalism, broadcasting, language interpreter, and research scientist. Careers to avoid: anything where there is no benefit to the community as a whole. There must be a social benefit for a job to be acceptable.

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